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Love football. Wear unique.

Stunner Football Kits, Kyiv, Ukraine
January 2018.

Hey there! Welcome to Stunner – a place, where we care about football designs from the past. Stunner as a unit was formed in late 2017.

Digging up vintage football gear from all around the world to further route it to people who can appreciate it in full – that would be a brief explanation of what we’re up to. People behind the wheel are Polly & Serge.

S: Fascination with football designs began way back in early childhood, when every spare money that I had was instantly spent on yet another bootleg shirt from a local market. Naturally, as I was growing out of my precious collection, the appetite for the new stuff grew along. This website is where it led me.

P: Being a lifelong admirer of the 90s fashion and somewhat a football fan, I didn’t have to think twice before joining Stunner. To combine them oversized footy gems with Levi’s jeans, cocktail dresses & high heels is my favorite challenge in this game. For I believe football designs are being unfairly neglected when it comes to wearing them casually.

Ever since Polly joined the ship, we both realized that we must go beyond online sales with our message. So in May of 2019, we held an experimental pop-up store as part of Kurazh – Kyiv’s largest flea-market.

May 2019. First-ever Stunner pop-up at Kurazh.

It helped us understand that there’s a certain interest in the retro football culture in our area, but in order to establish it firmly in the minds, we simply had to go with a full-time store.

A place where we could advocate the beauty of 90s football and encourage people to invest in quality retro designs instead of paying unfair money for disposable football shirts they produce nowadays (something we complain about a lot).

Stunner: Retro football store in Kyiv
March 2020.
Stunner: Retro football store in Kyiv
October 2021.

So we did, and did it with style. In March 2020, we lit our neon sign and opened our yellow doors right in the middle of Kyiv, in a XIX century mansion.

What started as a risky decision in a pandemic year now has grown into a cultural space. Stunner is more than just a store. It’s a meeting spot for football enthusiasts from all around the globe.

It’s a place where you can watch a game with owners drinking beers from a corner shop. Place to display your art or hang a poster.

A place that values the culture and above all the community that supports it. If you love football and wonder what to see in Kyiv – Stunner is a must-visit.

And we’re really proud of it ❤️


Zolotovoritska street 6A, room №11
Kyiv, Ukraine