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  • «The football jersey has gone through a profound evolution, entering the world of fashion and lifestyle. A challenge that Stunner has chosen to bring to Ukraine as well.»
  • «Als der Krieg kam, flohen Polina Vyn­ohr­a­dova und Serge Shcher­byna aus Kiew. Jetzt betreiben Sie einen Laden für Retro-Tri­kots in Man­chester. Hier erzählen sie ihre Geschichte.»
  • «Stunner is a community space, one in which memories are shared and common interests are bonded over, regardless of age, gender or ethnic or economic background.»
  • «Opening a vintage football store just as Covid was taking hold across the world might seem enough of a challenge. But for Stunner, a global pandemic turned out to be the least of their worries.»
  • «All of it. How it looks. How it feels. How it’s developed over time. Stunner celebrates the aesthetics of the beautiful game.»
  • David Adamson chats with Serge and Polina from the vintage football shirts shop newly set up in the city.
  • «It seems like the young entrepreneurs are not just adapting, but thriving in their new homes – which also happens to be one of Europe’s major footballing cities.»
  • «Stunner, at 9 South King Street, is much more than just a heaven for football shirt enthusiasts.It’s a hub of creativity and culture.»
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